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Repair Kochi is a Renovation and Maintenance Division of Architect IK Sham and accociates, Renovation Jobs are really complicated as it requires a special skill in space planning and an extra plan in structural designing, Implementing the design at site requires close monitoring, Repair kochi is able to do renovation, with the support of the parent architectural form.

Architect IK Sham and Mr Sundaresan has been in the building business for more than 15 years, gaining practical experience in remodels and augmentations to existing homes/Shops etc.. We have phenomenal notoriety all through Kerala for a wide range of building work including augmentations, re-designs and new homes to give some examples for a complicated or normal maintenance, highest quality of craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

    • High quality labor
    • Updated technology
    • 100% employee owned
    • One of the top building renovators
    • Bold Renovation Options
    • Guaranteed time & guaranteed cost

Architectural Consultants

The consulting firm is doing architechural consultancy for many builders and residences in kerala, bangalore, chennai & pune. View Projects


Safepool is the swimming pool, STP/ETP division. They are doing complicated constructions of swimming pools, STP/ETP plans, They are able to do underwater or works below ground level. View Projects

In any building project there are unknown factors, particularly if the project is large or complex. In a new build, many of these can be resolved before construction begins, during the scope and design stage.

In a renovation or alteration, your existing building's construction may not be understood until part way through the building process. You will also need to make compromises to work with what already exists.

If you're doing the work yourself, plan well so that you are prepared for changes and delays. They can lengthen the process and add costs. If you're using professionals, check that they are familiar with the challenges of renovating.

We have architectural design and supervision for each and every work . We are the Real Renovators.